BrightStar Announces Investment in Milwaukee Health Tech Startup

BrightStar Announces Investment in Milwaukee Health Tech Startup

MILWAUKEE, August 23, 2023 – BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation Inc. today announced an investment it made earlier this year in Geno.Me, a health tech startup based out of Milwaukee founded by Britt Gottschalk.

The company’s technology platform links genetic information with medical records and allows researchers at universities, companies, and hospitals to search and purchase data to advance their studies, thus furthering precision medicine.  Individuals giving consent for Geno.Me to sell their anonymized
information receive payments each and every time their data file is used in research. This would be the first searchable ecosystem of this type in the world.  The company is actively seeking contributors as well as researchers to join the platform.

“Britt has vision and is hyper-focused, making her the type of entrepreneur investors get excited about. It’s great that BrightStar could come in with capital to help get this seed 2 round done,” said Dana Guthrie the Managing Partner of Gateway Capital whose firm provided the original seed capital for the company in 2021.  “This is also the exact type of company we want starting and growing here in Milwaukee.  It has incredibly high potential.”  HealthX Ventures out of Madison led the current investment round.

For more information about the company, please visit their website at