BrightStar announces new investments

MILWAUKEE, Feb. 14, 2018 – BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation Inc. today announced that it has committed $260,000 to two companies, Inventalator Inc., dba Ideawake, Milwaukee, and ImageMoverMD Inc, Middleton. These investments bring the total of companies BrightStar has invested in to 40 in the four years since its first commitment in February 2014. These investments also take the total amount invested by BrightStar in Wisconsin early-stage companies to more than $6 million.

“ImageMover has a chance to be one of the best investments we’ve made,” said Tom Shannon, BrightStar’s co-founder and CEO.  “The company provides health systems with the ability to integrate imaging technology into electronic health records more efficiently and securely, and already holds a number of substantial clients and partners in the marketplace. It’s a company we are excited about being our 40th investment.”

ImageMover is had its round led by Madison-based HealthX Ventures. For additional information, please go to

Ideawake is a Milwaukee company that completed the gener8tor accelerator program last year. It offers software and plans that allow an organization’s customers and employees to participate and even help drive its innovation.

“From the moment it was described to me, I thought ‘how simple and how intuitive,’” said Jay Wigdale, founder of Lakefront Investment Partners and BrightStar’s newest investment committee member. “In the current environment where larger companies are attempting to engage their employees in unique ways and draw out innovation, I can see so many of them wanting to try Ideawake’s product.”

For additional information, go to

About the BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation Inc.

BrightStar is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation created to facilitate job creation and increase Wisconsin’s economic activity by deploying donated funds into equity stakes in early-stage, rapid growth companies. This new approach will enable the formation of new investment capital in Wisconsin through charitable donations to the foundation. Contributions to BrightStar are tax deductible.