BrightStar Wisconsin invests in a Milwaukee film

MILWAUKEE, August 7, 2019- Brightstar Wisconsin Foundation announced its recent investment in “Give Me Liberty”, a film that has now received acclaim from critics around the world. The freewheeling yet profound comedy was shot entirely in Milwaukee and was co-written, directed, and produced by individuals from the area.  It is only the fourth film ever to be invited to both the Sundance and Cannes film festivals.

The $20,000 investment also marks the first time that BrightStar has deployed capital in an investment opportunity other than tech-based startup companies. “It’s about job creation as well as attracting and developing talent,” said Tom Shannon, the Foundation’s President. “This is a concept we have been exploring for some time as other states have successfully leveraged film to build a newly found space in which to create jobs.”

Hopefully this test investment leads to a new dynamic effort to leverage BrightStar’s unique model to help build the creative space ecosystem. Talent from this space has become essential over the past decade to fill new jobs in innovative large corporations, small businesses, and early stage companies throughout the state. This would be in addition and a complement to BrightStar’s current Wisconsin focused angel and venture investing activities.

“Give Me Liberty” debuts in Milwaukee on August 22nd at the Oriental Theater. The Thursday evening premiere is already sold out, but there will be additional showings at the Oriental on Friday and Saturday, and then the following week at select Marcus Cinemas.

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