Wearable Device Developed to Improve Patient Safety

BrightStar Announces Investment in RoddyMedical, Inc

(MILWAUKEE, WI, October 27, 2022) – BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation Inc. has announced that it has invested $150,000 in Wauwatosa based, RoddyMedical, Inc., an early-stage innovative medical device development company. The investment will help the company finance thescale-up of production manufacturing, and inventory of the firm’s first wearable Medical Device, the SecureMove-TLC®

The SecureMove-TLC is a wearable, single-use medical line securement device designed to secure and manage different types of medical tubes, IV lines, and cords to improve IV medication safety, support patient therapy efficiency, prevent clinical staff trips/falls and reduce dressing disruptions that can lead to infections. The tension mitigation device is uniquely designed to eliminate hazardous pulling and line/cord dislodgement during therapy, transport, and patient movement.  While current devices will dislodge between 4-9 lbs. of force, the SecureMove mitigates 80+ lbs. of pull force, providing a new level of safety and security for hospital clinicians and their patients.


“From the moment I was introduced to the company, its technology, and its founder Lindsey Roddy, I’ve wondered how in the world has this problem not been solved yet,” said Todd Sobotka, BrightStar’s Executive Director.  “Kudos to Lindsey’s passion and the complementary experiences from the rest of the team in engineering a unique solution. I think this product is poised to make a significant difference in the day-to-day activities of so many medical professionals and improve the lives of patients.”


Over the past 4 years, the company has developed its technology with the help and feedback of over 150 clinicians, assistance from the UW-Milwaukee’s Prototyping Center, as well as programs and grants from UW-Milwaukee’s I-Corps program, WEDC Ideadvance, and others.

“We stayed laser focused on solving a very real issue that I personally experienced as a nurse. We wanted to ensure that the product design met the needs voiced by frontline healthcare workers. So, after 37 iterations, and intense work with clinicians and patients, we now have an FDA registered product being used by patients in Midwest hospitals,” stated CEO, Lindsey Roddy RN, PhD(c). “We are receiving letters of support and testimonials from nurses and clinicians across the country, requesting the SecureMove-TLC because it improves patient safety, work-flow and quality of care.”


For more about RoddyMedical, please visit https://www.roddymedical.com.