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Committed Investment : March, 2017

Status: Portfolio Dissolution

ONKÖL (Milwaukee) is a company that improves the connection senior citizens have with their family, doctors, and other caregivers by providing a device that removes the technical difficulties that many senior citizens seem to struggle with when using other elderly assisting products. The easy to use technology links to multiple devices to serve numerous functions such as emergency notifications, medication reminders, home status, and predictive home monitoring solutions. The whole purpose is to give the families a comfortable program that notifies them of any issues, and the elderly a device that has proper functionality without ongoing complications.

ONKÖL rolled out their sales and marketing plans in 2017 and are fulfilling orders and generating revenue with initial customers testing the units from Arizona to Wisconsin to Florida. Their new functionality has been enabled and includes new healthcare peripherals, and full audit capability for healthcare professionals. They currently have 12 patents filed, and another 12 are being processed.