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Committed Investment: July, 2014

Status: Portfolio Exit

Archangel Device LLC boasts several innovative products to enhance personal and workplace safety. Its flagship product is the Guardian Angel® product line, which represents the industry’s first wearable and portable LED light bar.

The Guardian Angel safety device was initially designed for police officers to provide the same official visibility on their person as they have on their squad cars, and the product has been further marketed and sold to a variety of channels. The Guardian Angel® utilizes the latest LED technology, which makes the wearer visible from more than 2 miles away with a nearly 360-degree radius. Its serves as a superior tool for any function where visibility and hands free lighting is desired.

In 2017 Archangel Device doubled both unit sales and revenue from 2016, had 3 new patents granted, developed a new device- the Guardian Angel Elite Series – which is half the weight and size of previous models, and launched a new website. The company expects both unit sales and revenue to triple in 2018 compared to 2017.

Acquired in 2021 by SixSibs Capital Group.