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BrightStar Wisconsin invests in a novel, animal
sterilization technology company

BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce its investment in Madison based SpayVac earlier this month.  The company’s revolutionary drug release technology allows for successful sterilization of animals with only a single injection.  Originally developed by a Canadian company for other applications, the SpayVac team brings its unique experience and industry connections to re-focusing the intellectual property on the animal health market, initially targeting the feral animal mitigation market.  The company has decided to make Wisconsin its home.

“I have fallen in love with what Wisconsin can offer our company, especially here in Madison and the potential ties to the vet school as well as area expertise that can help enhance our technology,” said Tom D’Orazio, the company CEO.  “Issues with feral animals have reached crisis level in parts of the world and also within the United States, and SpayVac is here to help those groups struggling to get a handle on the problem.”

The company already has contracts all over the world to address feral horses and deer and have received inquiries on pigs, fish, primates, and even cats and dogs.  The company anticipates expanding from the feral market to companion animals, eventually eliminating the need for surgical procedures for household pets.

“It’s incredible that this company is deciding to do this in Wisconsin and BrightStar is excited to help make it happen.  I was intrigued when they presented to the Investment Committee,” said Jeff Rusinow, a committee member.  “As an avid birder, for years I’ve been aware of this problem, specifically feral cats and their impact on bird populations, and am excited how much of a difference a technology like this can make.  This will allow government agencies and non-profits to more effectively and humanely address this growing issue of population control for so many feral animal species that cause financial and personal hardship throughout many parts of our country and the rest of the world.”