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Committed Investment: September, 2014

Status: Portfolio Dissolution

Dairyvative Technologies (Sheboygan) uses their patented SEVENx™ technology to super-concentrate milk and produce a finished product that does not require refrigeration, allowing suppliers to meet the growing worldwide demand for milk and dairy products. The shipping costs are considerably lower due to the reduced volume of the product and the use of trucks that don’t require expensive refrigeration equipment. Dairyvative also signed an agreement with a leading dairy company that will use their technology to produce a variety of lactose-free products.

The company ceased operations and dissolved in 2019. BrightStar does not anticipate a return of its capital. The company had an incredible technology with multiple Fortune 1,000 companies wanting to partner and co-develop market, but the strategic investors could not coordinate direction and activities with each other. This venture is a prime example of needing a strong quality, lead investor familiar with start-ups and venture capital investment that will do what is necessary to help drive the opportunity forward.