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Committed Investment : December, 2014

Status : Exit Gain

Fetch Reward (Madison) has two products that are both consumer facing. Shop Fetch™ is a mobile platform that allows shoppers to scan their groceries as they shop, take advantage of savings in the platform and experience an expedited checkout process. It’s simply the best way to shop. Grocers that offer Fetch™ to their shoppers gain a competitive advantage through increased loyalty and larger basket sizes, while receiving access to actionable data to increase sales and reduce costs. Brands who work with Fetch™ are able to engage with shoppers while they are in the aisle holding products in their hand, to create targeted relationships and build loyalty.

Fetch Rewards is a receipt scanning application that allows shoppers to earn points based on buying certain brands of the company’s CPG clients. Users simply send in a photo of their receipt from their smart phone within 14 days of purchase and earn points. Fetch Rewards™ users can exchange their points from any of the gift cards offered on the Fetch Rewards™ applications.

Fetch Rewards (Madison) had another successful year. Both revenue and user growth remain strong. The addition of new Consumer Packaged Goods partners, coupled with the introduction of the Restaurant and Retail space allowed revenue to double from 2020. In 2022, the company expects to see the addition of new revenue verticals, and is on track to exceed its goals.