BrightStar Wisconsin wants to invest in Wisconsin based, high growth early-stage companies. Our objective is to deploy money where needed and not to be competitive with any investors in any way.

In fact, we hope to enhance and complement early-stage investors interested in Wisconsin companies. Our preference is to co-invest in opportunities and build strong relationships with as many potential investment partners as possible. This includes individual accredited investors, representatives from angel networks, investment funds, and economic development agencies. We hope to leverage our collaborative relationships and to not “go in alone” in sourcing good deals, the due diligence process, and eventual investment.

BrightStar has made great strides in our relationship with multiple Wisconsin capital groups. Our investment model is based on working with these funds or networks throughout the state (and beyond) to deploy more capital into job creating, early-stage Wisconsin companies.

Below is a list of capital groups we’ve co-invested with thus far:

American Family Ventures, Angels on the Water, Capital Midwest, Chippewa Valley Angel Investors Network, Cream City Capital, CSA Partners, gener8tor, Golden Angels Investors, Great Oaks Venture Capital, HealthX Ventures, Idea Fund of La Crosse, InvestMKE, Masa Partners, N29 Capital Partners, New Richmond Angel Investment Network, Venture Management, Winnebago Seed Fund, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), Wisconsin Investment Partners, Wisconsin Super Angel Fund.

If you would be interested in BrightStar Wisconsin supplementing your deals or if you would like to be notified of opportunities BrightStar is investing in with room for additional capital, please give us a call at 414-224-6000.