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Committed Investment: December, 2021
Status: Active Portfolio Company

Isomark (Madison) is commercializing a breath biomarker of pre-symptomatic infection detection. Isomark’s device called the CanaryTM, monitors patented biomarkers in exhaled breath as soon as four to six hours of infection onset, and days before current methods.

The Isomark Health Canary AGTM is designed to work in harsh agriculture environments. The marker can also monitor response to treatment and recovery from infection. Isomark’s technology is exclusively licensed from Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), a powerful partner. Isomark’s targeted
markets are three-pronged: 1) Infection screening in animal agriculture; 2) Veterinary hospitals; and 3) Human medicine, with an initial focus on non-FDA regulated markets. Isomark’s near term goal is to address the unmet need for infection detection in the beef cattle industry,
a $45 billion market.

Isomark’s non-invasive and rapid detection technology is focused on monitoring changes in natural carbon isotopes ratios in exhaled breath. The changes in breath markers are reported as red or green lights indicating whether the animal is infected or healthy. Furthermore, infection types (virus or bacteria)
could be reported at the earliest times, giving veterinarians and doctors up to two days notice before conventional methods. Early detection provides clinicians the ability to begin treating infection at their earliest point, resulting in improved treatment success, reduced antibiotic use and costs, and lower morbidity and mortality losses due to disease.