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Committed Investment: March, 2017
Status: Active Portfolio Company

Lumanu (Oakland) empowers top consumer brands to craft and amplify engaging content for today’s digital consumer. Lumanu combines the creative juice of socially savvy influencers with the precision and scale of programmatic advertising. Lumanu makes it easy to build and manage its customers’ network of influencers and publishers through its proprietary Social-Cert protocol.

Most influencer content only reach 10-30% of its intended audience. Lumanu can double their content reach for minimal incremental spend. They leverage machine learning and their proprietary content performance data to amplify their influencer content to people most likely to engage and ultimately convert. Authentic influencer content, when delivered to the right audience via the right channels at the right time, inspires consumer behaviors far beyond social metrics. Built by Stanford and MIT PhDs, Lumanu is the first and only platform to take a quantitative approach to driving consumer behavior with influencer content.