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Committed Investment: April, 2016

Status: Active Portfolio Company

Moxe (Madison) is a healthcare technology company focused on eliminating one of healthcare’s most costly and unnecessary areas: administrative waste. This waste is estimated to be a $900 billion annual problem. Moxe’s technology empowers smarter, simpler, more secure data exchange to drive more affordable healthcare. Working with the leading electronic health records, health systems, and payers, Moxe’s growing network improves interoperability by digitizing clinical data to automate release of information and enable bidirectional exchanges.

Moxe believes clinical data exchange should be easy, secure, and meaningful. Their technology drives better healthcare outcomes by getting data that matters to their customers in a way that works for them. Moxe builds connections between health plans and providers to simplify and expand data’s potential. They go beyond standard data collection methods, digging deep into EHRs to deliver data that drives smarter, simpler healthcare operations and better outcomes for all.