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Committed Investment : February, 2015

Status : Portfolio Exit

Pinpoint Software (Madison) improves the business operations of organizations in grocery, convenience, retail and franchise chains. They have two software products, Date CheckPro (DCP) and Taskle. DCP provides a tool to the grocery and healthcare market that digitally manages product expiration dates in a much more efficient and methodical fashion. Taskle addresses a broader market need of managing consistent businesses across multiple locations. The focus is to drive operational efficiency and execution for grocers, retailers, and franchisors.

In 2017, Pinpoint expanded Date Check Pro to a total of 160 stores, and Taskle to 553 stores. The biggest advancements of the year include launching Date Check Pro 2.0, gaining a multi-store pilot with Raley’s in California, and expanding the team to include a Director of Sales.

Acquired in 2021 by Applied Data Corporation.