Committed Investment: June, 2019
Status: Active Portfolio Company

SoFresh, Inc. (Pleasant Prairie) continues to grow revenue by improving shelf-life and consumption time of perishable foods. Its innovative packaging technology saves food by inhibiting mold and slowing dehydration of essential foods we all enjoy including bread, cheese, berries and fresh-cut produce. SoFresh commercialized bakery packaging with six premium bakeries last year, generating recurring sales of $187,700. Patent-pending SoFresh bread bags extend shelf-life by four times, increasing bakery sales, reducing returns and saving bakeries big money. This past year, SoFresh optimized bakery bag performance allowing bread bakers to eliminate preservatives while extending freshness an extra ten days. This development helps bakers fulfill consumer preferences for fresh-not-frozen, better-for-you baked goods with simple recognizable ingredients. SoFresh expanded technology to four other food verticals beyond bread in the last quarter of 2021.