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Committed Investment: February, 2014
Status: Active Portfolio Company

Stemina Biomarker Discovery (Madison) is a world leader in metabolomic technology. Stemina and its neurological disorders division, NeuroPointDx, offers a robust and reproducible proprietary platform for identifying changes in metabolism (“biomarkers”) in cellular models and human samples for diagnosis and precision medicine. The accuracy and specificity of these tests has applications in segmenting complex neurological disorders such as autism for earlier diagnosis and more precise treatment. The company is commercializing the first diagnostic blood tests for autism. The company has validated its first two diagnostic test panels based on biomarkers identified in its clinical study, the Children’s Autism Metabolome Project (CAMP). CAMP is the largest clinical study of the metabolism of autism ever conducted, enrolling 1,100 patients ages 18 to 48 months to give first-of-the-morning blood appropriate for metabolomic analysis.